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Wedding videos

If your wedding is different... you will want a different video... We don’t make wedding videos, we make video clips of the most important event of your life... We get into the essence of your party... and take care of transmitting the charm and energy of your people at that time.


Weddings Vídeos
Credits: Ilusziona
Creative & Art Direction: Pablo Grubsztein – Alberto Bueno
Cámera: Alberto Bueno – M. Jiménez Mérida – Mariano Vittone – Gerardo Lema
Postproduction: P. Sardi – Pablo Grubsztein
Client: Several Customers
Equipments: FS7 + Xeen + A7SII + Dron Inspire Pro + Edelkrone + Ronin + Cablecam + FCPX + Davinci Resolve